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Pictures Of Our Lives and Times

Subject: High School Art Show

The crowds build as the doors open for the annual High School Art Show and we show a tiny sample of those works which our camera liked.

This is not a slice of cheesecake but a piece of ceramic art by Hannah Zimmerman which first caught our camera person's eye.

And nearby was a watercolor by Angel Bautista called, what else?, 'Psychedelic'.

A photo work by Suzy Hettich, called 'Purple', shows us what can be done with artistic taste, imagination and Photoshop.

This is a fine example of a silkscreen which it's artist, Kevin Klein, calls 'Flamenco Dancer'.

A unique wire figure of 'Man Holding Man Holding Man' by Hunter Yegendorf stands alone in a sea of wall art and ceramics.

There were hundreds of entries, a surprising number of exceptional quality, but we must close and we do so with a watercolor by Frances Knapp entitled, 'My Face Hurts Because It Is Melting' chosen because it's a great original and it's descriptive of a good deal of life lately and... we couldn't resist the pushpins.

Next Time: African Elephants


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