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EDITORIAL: Benefits Of Yoga

If you've never tried it, we suggest you give it a whirl. What do you have to lose other than an hour of your day (that you will ultimately thank yourself for 'losing' anyways)? You may think that yoga is for the insanely flexible people who like to contort their bodies into pretzels while chanting "OM". Yes, yoga undoubtedly will bring you closer to being able to twist your body into positions you never imagined, but far more important is the fact that yoga heals.

Yoga is a powerful practice with health benefits across the spectrum of your health needs. We know very flexible sixty and seventy year olds who practice Yoga regularly.

Yoga is, in itself a preemptive action to sickness of all kinds. It offers complete detoxification by ensuring optimum blood supply to all parts of the body.

Yoga has proven to be an extremely effective, natural healing method for a variety of different health disorders. In essence, Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply and breathing, although an involuntary action, can affect our entire mental and physical health.

Yoga increases flexibility, exercising joints that may have never been acknowledged prior to practicing yoga.

Yoga increases lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons allowing the body to work in a harmonious, and far more functional way.

Yoga has the unique and magical ability to literally massage ALL organs and internal glands of the body in a thorough manner. The act of stimulating and massaging the organs helps keep disease away and provides a warning of any possible illness or onset of disease. After doing yoga for a few months, we suddenly feel our bodies with an entirely new and acute awareness.

All this without drugs. And it's fun.

One of the most powerful benefits of yoga is the developed awareness it brings to the practitioner. Signs of illness you might have previously ignored are brought to the surface before the disease takes over. Yoga is, in itself a preemptive action to sickness of all kinds. It offers complete detoxification by ensuring optimum blood supply to all parts of the body.

Flushing out toxins from the body delays the aging process, increases energy and promotes an overall zest for life that may have been lacking prior (in large part due to an unhealthy body). Through dedicated meditation, yoga helps the mind and body work in sync, together, the way they are meant to from the time we are born. Yoga stills the mind so that the body can focus on healing in a peaceful, natural way.

Parts of the Yoga philosophy which goes back over 3500 years, include Yama and Niyama:

1) The five "abstentions" of Yama (meaning restraints in Sanskrit) : illicit sex, lying, possessions, theft, and violence.

(2) The five "observances" of Niyama (meaning pure pleasures in Sanskrit): austerities, contentment, purity, study, and surrender to God.

Sound very Christlike don't they?

Get out of your rut and go sign up for a yoga class. Try it just once and see how it makes you feel. Have patience with yourself. Yoga can help you learn how to decrease stress in your life, literally transforming the way you feel on all levels. Why deny yourself such a gift? We all deserve to feel our very best everyday.



Subject: Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us. Here then, are some of the glorious winners:

A bird lover from Toronto kept feeders on his apartment balcony. To refill one feeder, hanging above his 23rd story balcony, he stood on a rolling swivel chair.


For safety, a man kept a loaded .38 pistol on his bedside table. One night hearing the phone ring, he reached for the light for the very last time.


Ski lift towers are covered with thick pads to protect wayward skiers who might hit one on the way down. Two men snuck onto a ski hill late one night, tore the safety padding from a pole, and climbed up the hill. Using the padding as a toboggan, they cruised down at high speed only to hit the pole from which they had stolen the padding.


At Yosemite, parachuting from the cliffs is banned. But a group of enthusiasts attempting to prove the sport can be done safely, agreed with park officials to the following terms: officials consented to a demonstration jump, and the jumpers agreed to be arrested and have their equipment confiscated when they landed. Unfortunately, one jumper, not wanting her expensive parachute to be confiscated, borrowed a cheaper chute, only to find out too late that she did not know where the rip cord was located.


When the collection plates were passed at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, a man in the pews began stashing hands full of money into his pockets. When spotted, he ran from the church onto a busy highway where he was killed by a passing bus. Interpretations vary over whether this was an Act Of God.


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