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GOOD NEWS: COOLpix Puzzler: Taiwan Rifle Toss

Taiwan, also called the Republic of China, is an island nation off the East coast of Asia in the Pacific and was known in the past, as Formosa (from Portuguese: Ilha Formosa, "Beautiful Island").
It has scenery, temples, museums, a fascinating city in its capital, Taipei, and a most impressive military which shows its stuff several times a day in a marching and rifle tossing display.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Taiwan began to develop into a prosperous, industrialized developed country with a strong and dynamic economy, becoming one of the Four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.) This economic rise (since replicated and equaled by the People's Republic of China) is known to the world as the Taiwan Miracle.

The picture above was taken outside of Taipei in Taiwan, Republic of China.

Thanks to Wikipedia.

In the 1990s, the Republic of China transformed itself into a progressive and modern democratic state.

There are TEN differences, some subtle, some obvious in the photograph below.


1. It has turned mighty cloudy.

2. One of those tossed rifles has disappeared.

3. The tile roof to the right has lost some angle.

4.The woman with children in the crowd to the right has gotten bored and left.

5. The twin of the man in the white shirt to her right has shown up.

6. The soldier to the right has lost his fancy braid.

7. And the stripe on his helmet has turned red.

8. The soldier on the right has lost his belt buckle and his helmet stripe has also turned red.

9. The blouse of the woman standing under the tossed rifles has gone from orange to pink.

10. And the shirt of the man to the left in the crowd has gone from ecru to blue.

All photographs are from TheCOOLpix Archive.


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