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EDITORIAL: Putting Our Teachers Where They Belong

A student is taking his final exams. He takes his seat in the exam hall, stares at the questions and then takes his shoes off.

Next, he removes his shirt, pants and socks. The teacher, alarmed, approaches him and asked what is going on?

The student replies, "The test paper states: answer the question in briefs."

"NO," says the teacher, "it says to answer the questions in brief."

If for even one second, you thought that story might be true then you have some idea how difficult it is for teachers to teach students who can't even read properly.

The underlying problem is the standard American school system.

If only we, as a society, as a world, could put our teachers and ultimately, our students, on the level of athletes and stars.

In this system many students are disengaged from learning, in large part, because of what they're taught and how they are taught. If a student is taught to consider the ramifications of historical events rather than solely memorize dates and events, they will be much more likely to incorporate these "lessons" into their lives.

The essential ingredients in good schools are teachers who are sensitive to students' needs and differences, and able to inspire intellectual curiosity. A new and better approach in the world of education is to "teach the child, not the subject."

Instead of trying to agree on a one-size-fits-all curriculum, schools should teach what students will not soon forget: problem-solving skills and critical thinking -- in other words, how to think. Students will be more inspired to absorb and integrate ideas into their everyday growth and development when they are instilled with the confidence to think for themselves.

To facilitate these changes schools are in desperate need for adequate funding and staffing. How can we expect teachers to continue to inspire their students to be the best individuals they can be with such minimal respect given to these mentors?

Teachers are influencing the next generation of young minds; could there really be anything more important than this? Perhaps if a teacher was given a tenth of the salary of a football player, we would have a country that proved this point: teachers are far more valuable and irreplaceable than thugs in helmets, and education will propel a student and society much further into the world than any violent form of entertainment, that society has deemed acceptable and, even, fun!

Education is everything! Imagine a world without it. If only we, as a society, as a world, could put our teachers and ultimately, our students, on the level of athletes and stars. How can we expect the world to change when we are not willing to put our actions where our hopes are? Hurrah for all the teachers out there!




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