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EDITORIAL: Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Probably the most famous pop artist and one of the most well known art figures of the twentieth century, the late Andy Warhol once said, "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."

Like his art, his words live on today as we hear about everyone's "fifteen minutes of fame," whether the source is the newspaper, the internet or the evening news on TV.

It represents the ultimate encapsulated fad or obsession, where an entire country can become enamored by a person, thing or event for a brief moment, and then simply forget about it almost as quickly as it appeared on the scene.

As a test, just try and remember some of those moments that captured your attention as though the world's continuence hinged on it. has to ask, "How do I want to be remembered?" Perhaps consider the virtues you live by and the respect you show toward others.

Can you think of any? Maybe a child fell down a well, or the captain saved his plane from crashing, it could be a toy that everyone just had to have. Many of these moments turn out to be as infamous as they are famous. If everyone gets fifteen minutes, what would you want yours to be like?

TV shows such as "American Idol" put ordinary people in the spotlight as they compete to be number one. For those who do not go on to be the winner, this is their moment to shine. Really, one can barely remember the winners let alone the other contestants. Some people on long running reality shows like "The Real World," end up being infamous for drama or promiscuity.

It got us thinking, if we have fifteen minutes, how would we want it to go? In the wired world we live in, where videos are shot, saved, and uploaded to the internet to last forever, even our fifteen minutes can turn out to be an eternity. So while the power of the moment may only be brief, it isn't erased from history just because it has passed or been forgotten.

There are those who cling to the "fame" and try to extend it, and there are those who were caught while simply, "doing their job." In a day and age when we may be caught on tape or in a photo at any time, one has to ask, "How do I want to be remembered?" Perhaps consider the virtues you live by and the respect you show toward others. Think of it as actual air time on national television, how would you want your skit to play out? Would it be a comedy, a drama, or tragedy? Do you play the hero or antagonist? Is it embarrassing, humiliating, uplifting or inspiring?

It is an interesting prospect to consider really, because there isn't usually a choice in when that time might come. You could be caught without your make up on, discovered in an awkward moment and out of context. Yet it begs the question because it is more than a simple matter of how you spend your fifteen minutes; it's about how one lives life.

The time and place cannot be decided necessarily, with many intended successes gone unnoticed while often times completely off guard moments become the ones for the cameras. That means that a person must always be diligent and present themselves in their best light. Not on the superficial level, but we must each strive to exemplify our values and virtues. By working hard to shine even when the cameras aren't on, we can be ready for when they are.



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