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Everyone has a Storm in their life or in their community to deal with, someone who disturbs the peace, creates tension, and runs carelessly wild with little regard for others.

Last night, I lost sleep and tears were shed over a situation related to Storm.

So, how can we best deal with individuals who are so difficult to deal with?

First and foremost, we take care of the situation with love, always with love and sometimes it may be worthwhile to request help. Although it was difficult, I chose to request help from my community and I want to share my request so that it may inspire others to take on dealing with the Storms in their lives. Many times it has been nothing more than her presence alone that shifts the energy of a room into a dark place.

I honestly would not have put this request for help out there except for the fact that too many people that I love have come to me concerned, scared, hurt, angry, confused, or uncomfortable because of Storm's actions.

None of us can do this alone. Please help. Remember, those who are hardest to love usually need it the most
The impact has taken its toll and I cannot just sit here and do nothing about it.

My love for my friends is no different from the love I have for my mother and my father and I cannot bear to have any of my loved ones be treated or impacted in a disrespectful way for no reason. I am seeing a situation where one human being carelessly rips through this web like a storm with no regard for the damage left in her wake.

My guess is that she has no idea the power of her impact on other people. I can't imagine any human being in their clearest state of mind would knowingly create energy and actions that become source of distress for others.

Some people in the community plead sympathy for all the pain and struggle Storm carries with her. Apparently, she has had a tough life and is in need of healing. When I first connected with Storm a couple of weeks ago, however, I got to know a woman who is extremely intelligent, loving, passionate and capable of far too much to need any sympathy from anyone. Indeed, I am grateful to have had my own personal experience with her and I must admit, she has expressed nothing but love toward me and so it is somewhat difficult for me to call someone out who has only wanted my friendship.

I am not opposed to a friendship with her but time is precious and the truth is, we are here to do work, to make big differences in the world. And for every minute I or anyone else spends consumed by drama, that's one less precious minute we have to empower our lives and the lives around us.

Honestly, what does the world get out of drama, gossip, and manipulation? Two certain results are a lot of tension and heartache. If you can't tell already, I am angry and there are bigger battles to fight.

My request is that we, the community, deal with this battle, we deal with it now, and we deal with it powerfully so we can move on and step up to play bigger games in life. My hope is that we can be a source of healing for this woman so that she can step up and be the powerful, amazing woman that she is, so that she can realize all the love available to her in this world.

As much as some of us would like to just slam the door and turn away, I trust that she ended up on our doorstep, in our home because there is something to see, something to learn here.

As such, I am requesting a community meeting. It is important that this is a safe space for everyone to voice their concerns, especially for Storm. If for no other reason, there are things I and others want to share with her and I am requesting help in facilitating a safe and beneficial way of doing this.

My intention is that something good comes from this, that everyone walks away feeling complete in some way and knowing the love and support this community has to offer.

I know we are all a stand for peace and love in this life and in the world. It starts right here with community. None of us can do this alone. Please help. Remember, those who are hardest to love usually need it the most.

Adapted from a Good News by JinJu as submitted to



Ig Nobel Prize


A Thousand Oaks, Calif., doctor won the Ig Nobel medicine prize for his firsthand research into arthritis in fingers.

As a child and in adulthood, Donald Unger's mother, several aunts, and mother-in-law warned him that cracking his knuckles would lead to arthritis in his fingers. To test that theory, he cracked the knuckles of his left hand, but not the right hand, every day for more than 60 years.

His conclusion? The cracking has no effect. "There was no arthritis in either hand, and no apparent differences between the two hands," Unger wrote in a letter to the editor in Arthritis and Rheumatism, Vol. 41, No. 5, in 1998, after he had completed only 50 years of his study.

"This result calls into question whether other parental beliefs, e.g., the importance of eating spinach, are also flawed," he wrote. "Further investigation is likely warranted."

Congratulations and thank you, Donald.

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