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GOOD NEWS: TheCOOLpix Puzzler: Venice Bridge

If you are lucky enough to visit Italy, then by all means make the stretch to visit sublime Venice, once the world's most powerful city state.

And if you visit Venice, then by all means make the stretch to take a gondola ride, very expensive in Euros but priceless in your memories forever after.

Beautiful Venice captivates all, even on crowded days, rainy days, dark days and even on, what can we say, fragrant days.

The photograph above was taken in Venice, Italy on a crowded, sunny, but fragrant Fall day (note the brown water) during a wonderfully, leisurely and relaxing gondola ride, here entering the canal under the Bridge of Sighs (it's the enclosed bridge going from building to building.

Thanks to Geographedia.

There are TEN differences, some subtle, some obvious in the photograph below.


1. On the upper right, the antenna on the jail is missing;

2. Below that, the jail window impediments are both the same now;

3. Below that, a rail is broken;

4. One of the lamps below right has gone missing;

5. A stone shield has appeared on the right side of the bridge;

6. The blue boat has gone green;

7. The gondola wood has switched shades;

8. The back cushion of the gondola left has gone from blue to red;

9. The gondola mooring pole on the lower left has shrunk;

10. The man in the blue shirt has left the bridge;

11. The design on the Doges Palace left has changed;

12. In the center, the Bridge Of Sighs has lost a decorative element.

All photographs are from TheCOOLpix Archive.


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