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GOOD NEWS: TheCOOLpix Puzzler: Mali Bathers

Mali is a landlocked nation in Western Africa. It is the seventh largest country of Africa. The name of the country comes from the Bambara word for hippopotamus (with the animal appearing on the 5 franc coin); the name of its capital city, Bamako comes from the Bambara word meaning "place of crocodiles".

It is a poor country with scarce indoor bathing facilities. Communal bathing along the banks of a river is a common sight to anybody riding the river.

The people of Mali are friendly, happy and very accommodating.

And the bathers here seem to be quite joyful about having their picture taken in what our Grammies used to call "the altogether."

The picture at the top of this page was taken from a boat on the Bani River outside of Mopti, Mali, West Africa.

Thanks to Wikipedia.

There are TWELVE differences, some subtle, some obvious in the photograph below.


1. At the left top, the plant growth moved up two steps;

2. The stain on the steps moved down two steps;

3. The paper mess was cleaned up.

4. The smiling man at the right changed his light blue shirt for a white one;

5. The man with standard underwear decided to put on his short underwear;

6. The smiling gentleman at the bottom took his bridge out to wash it;

7. Then he put his toupee on;

8. The bare man put some short underwear on;

9. His one blue sandal turned orange;

10. The two blue sandals in the left lower corner moved up the stair wall;

11. The shirt on the stair wall turned from yellow to green;

12. The gentleman in the middle hiked his pants up a few inches.

All photographs are from TheCOOLpix Archive.


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