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GOOD NEWS: The Beauty And The Beast

The movie "The Beauty and the Beast" (the 1946 French film aka "La Belle et la Bete) is a fairy tale about a strange romantic relationship between a beautiful young lady (Beauty) and a strange being - half human and half animal (Beast).

It is only when "Beauty" gets to know the "Beast" in depth rather than superficially that she falls in love with him.

As a consequence of her true love for the Beast, at the end of the movie he becomes transformed into some sort of a wonderful celestial prince - a handsome and, may I say, beautiful dream of a prince.

In the movie, a masterwork by Jean Cocteau (Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau), love is spiritual - that is, beautiful not beastly.

Avenant, his romantic rival, tries to kill him with an arrow, which miraculously leads to Avenant's downfall.

At first, Beauty was afraid of the Beast, but she finally falls in love with him because of the gentle and respectful way he treats her.

The movie "The Beauty and the Beast" is definitely about true love, and how it can triumph over evil.
The movie "The Beauty and the Beast" explores how true love transforms the soul through spirituality, generosity, and magic powers.

The Beast considers Beauty a precious, fragile flower. He is even fearful to approach her. He enters Beauty's room only on rare occasions. One night, as he finds himself there, she hurls him out. He never tries to initiate any kind of physical contact with her; and whenever he talks to her, he reveals his sentiments in a respectful, poetic manner.

The Beast manifests his love with generosity. After having lived together as friends for a certain period of time, the Beast makes a marriage proposal to Beauty, but she refuses by telling him that she can remain his friend. The Beast, though a little too possessive at times, treats her with the greatest love and generosity. He promises her to make her a queen. He warns her not to look at him in the eye because of his magic powers.

Finally, she decides to go back to her father's home, but he refuses to let her go. She keeps insisting, and he finally concedes but with a condition that she would come back within one week. And she agrees.

Evil will surface, but love will triumph through magic powers. When Beauty arrives at her father's home, she cures her father, who she found sick, through her magic powers, which she had received from the Beast. Even her tears turn into little of diamonds. However, her family refuses to let her go back to the Beast. The family plays all kinds of tricks to convince her to stay, but she remains firm in her convictions.

Finally, one of Beauty's sisters steals from her a magic key that the Beast gave her, and gives it to a brother of theirs, and his friend Avenant, who once made an unsuccessful marriage proposal to Beauty. Their brother and his friend Avenant leave with the magic key (which will supposedly give them some sort of magic powers) in order to kill the Beast.

But this turns bad for them: Avenant dies, and his dead body gets transformed into that of the Beast; and the Beast, who had already died because of Beauty's absence, will resurrect as a charming prince. And Beauty arrives just in time after a long, difficult trip with the prince (who was the Beast), and together they fly among the clouds in order to go to the Beauty's father. (The movie doesn't show what happens to Beauty's brother who leaves with Avenant in order to kill the Beast).

The movie "The Beauty and the Beast" is definitely about true love, and how it can triumph over evil. The love of the Beast for Beauty shows that love has no boundaries; and the love of Beauty, probably initially inspired by pity for the Beast, and the fact that this love triumphs over trials and tribulations, tells us that love can be victorious despite the crush of evil.

We learn a lot from this movie, and will never look at love the way we used to look at it before. From now on, love is a road paved with thorns and mire, and one can succeed only if he or she accepts to persevere, just like the Beast who never gets discouraged until he conquers Beauty's heart and wins her love, forevermore.

Adapted from a Good News by Jean Elie Paraison as submitted to



You Know You're Getting Old If:


You're older than your dentist.

All the people you hang out with are wrinkled and saggy and gray.

It takes you two tries to get up from the couch.

A telephone rings on the TV and you think it's yours.

90% of your dreams are reruns.

You no longer say no to the lobster bib.

The only "Stones" you're interested in these days are Kidney and Gall.

Your computer has more memory than you do.

You bring lawn chairs to outdoor concerts.

People warn you about shoveling snow.

You can remember when "gang members" meant the Sharks and the Jets.

You go from being a do-it-yourselfer to a hire-someone-elser.

You don't have bad hair days; you have bad hair years.

But before you criticize someone for being old, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.

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